The Clippie project has been receiving support and feedback from the UK governments team at Innovate UK. Why? Because they think this is a good idea that helps to overcome the problem of single use plastics.

This is the feedback from their team of expert assessors:


This is a well written credible project application worthy of support.

This is an exciting story with a design – led approach, capable of engaging today’s consumer with a neglected problem. A high quality applicant with the experience, ideas and vision to see this through. Well thought out, applicant able to see round corners, well networked, makes things happen. Scope for solid amelioration of plastics waste from this product category.

Need or Challenge

The applicant quantifies the staggering quantity of plastic hangers in use and explain current recycling units cannot easily recycle them. They maintain the use of this new design will dramatically reduce the amount of hangers in circulation. They cover the research they have done into this requirement.

The applicant shows how an everyday item we take for granted can be redesigned to reduce waste at various points along the cradle to grave product lifetime, thereby reducing environmental harm. The opportunity is increased by the fact that retailers are ceasing providing hangers to the purchaser. The proposal is based on substantial, well evidenced in-house innovation so far at the applicant’s own risk and is well focussed to solving practical problems. There is a good appreciation of state-of-the-art and a thorough understanding of the business opportunity at all levels. This is an inspired, impressive and well presented case.

Approach & Innovation

The project addresses the need or challenge and the main innovations and risks are highlighted. Evidence shows that the proposed development is innovative and that the applicant has the freedom to operate. It is demonstrated how the project outputs will differentiate from those of competitors.

The intention is credibly described and supported by visuals in the relevant appendix. A hanger design that allows holding various clothing configurations is a plus.

Background IP is innovative, substantial and well evidenced, freedom to operate can be reasonably assumed. This is a thoughtful design-led approach considering the different functionalities required for success. These are impressive achievements so far and a labour of love. Approaches are well designed to engage the consumer

This has the potential to be substantially novel in commercial practice.

The Team

The applicant is well placed to deliver the objectives of the research. The background is well covered and formulated.

A highly experienced individual in charge with a track record of achievements. An engineer by background, he has extensive experience in project management and design. An impressive career history and achievements and clearly able to design the product.

The applicant demonstrates an outstanding record in innovation, business development and entrepreneurship in a field much more exacting than the present challenge. This is a first class CV. Preferred subcontractors are lined up to address all areas of other expertise required. The extent of solid work, drive and commitment to date, teamed with good evidence of stakeholder networks offers high confidence this project could be delivered and exploited.

Market Awareness

There is a good awareness of the target market’s drivers and dynamics. The market size is quantified and the available market in terms of unit sales has been identified.

This indicates a full and deep understanding of the global market.

There is a well evidenced case for a large and global market. A meaningful analysis of the key players and trends is offered, which informs the applicant’s exploitation strategy including information and advertising campaigns. He explains that pricing is attainable to the masses and is mid-priced in the market place.

This is a professional analysis showing sound understanding of the market, product lifecycle, drivers and opportunities. It is backed up by thorough research. Competitors are characterised and target customer segments identified with justification. Business strategy to enter this market is realistic.

Outcomes & Route to Market

Target customers are identified along with the value proposition to them.

Educating the consumer on the benefits of the product and creating interest will be crucial.

A well presented and considered route to market, communication and marketing strategy which should effectively engage target consumers.

The business model is contemporary and exciting. It is scalable and adaptable.

Wider Impacts

There is good awareness of how the project may impact others outside of the team.

This indicates a full understanding of the hanger market along with disposal.

The benefits outside the applicant’s business are plausible and in sync with initiatives associated with reduced consumption of single use plastic in everyday items.

The wider impact of the product are covered in some detail. Of interest is that if the product ends up in the sea it would float and eventually find land. Hangers are clearly a part of the recycling problem, so this niche market would make a difference, if adopted by retail Industry and consumers.

Product brings awareness to consumers about problematic everyday household items which have been overlooked.

Project Management

All facets of the system management have been covered by this proposal. The applicant explains that he has 30 years experience delivering projects, which is backed up by his CV. He explains the project management approach he will use. An appendix gives a timing plan ( Gantt Chart) which is detailed.

High confidence in ability of the applicant to manage and deliver.


The key risks and uncertainties of the project are considered and appropriate mitigation plans proposed. Relevant constraints or conditions on the project outputs are identified. The risk analysis is well done.

A good range of risk has been comprehensively considered across categories. Likelihood and severity are shown and the brief mitigation and resolution options are relevant. Reduction of consumption and waste of single use plastic is justifiable.


The applicant has made excellent progress through its own resources and has thoroughly explored other financial investment options. This is an original and exciting idea from a high quality, visionary and savvy applicant which is just at the right stage for investor intervention. Investment will genuinely facilitate the R&D journey and take profit from the private investment already made. The case is well made that the cloud business platform is adaptable.

Costs & Value for Money

Costs primarily concern capital expenditure and subcontracting and are in line with expectations for a project of this scope and scale. The labour costs are relatively low. Overall, there is good alignment between resources and the project plan.

The project is well supported and able to provide its share of the expenditure. Support from Government resources will enable the project to meet the goals outlined in the proposal.